What I consumed this weekend

Sold a bunch of Christmas trees and wreaths I made. The culture with buying stuff is changing. Christmas is coming earlier and earlier every year, as Im already three quarters out of trees. Pretty crazy. Its Dec. 6.

Watched NBA basketball Bucks vs, Knicks Saturday night. Bucks won big.

Culture of my friends/classmates vs. the people I work with/mine. They are quite different in terms of daily life I noticed after years of switching between the two in where I go to spend my daily life. Friends being lazier, laid back, party people. Co-workers being hard-working, fast-paced. family oriented. Both groups having some kind and some nasty personalities.

Saw Lady Gaga advertised on TV for singing. (Honestly I don’t have much time for the Internet or TV.) Nor care much for it that much unless its serious. But I sort of am trying.




Expanding on Thanksgiving last week

Last week was Thanksgiving. I’m kind of getting a tired of this holiday/cultural phenomenon. In fact, I get tired of lots of them. Like for example, every Thanksgiving me and my cousins get together to hang out and bullshit sillily, which is great, I have no problem there. But like every year its like the same crap, the same traditions, and the same cold weather and early sunset and it makes me bored and depressed. Like maybe switch up the food sometimes too, its like the same stuff every year and ours is even weirder cause my family is Italian so you know its annoyingly loud and theres always macaroni. Same teams play on Thanksgiving football, and no other sports are on, come on. Same old discussions at the table too. Switch it up, somebody act like an idiot so we can all laugh and mess around instead of this boring adult crap that I have to at some times hear.Even though this day is supposed to be about being thankful and eating turkey. Anyway, I have no problem with my big fat family, I love them, I love having funny times with them. But growing up with the same EXACT traditions for every holiday gets weird sometimes and makes you look at life like “damn Im getting old and so is this.” I mean, think about it, traditions and ways to live/celebrate were created at some point by someone. So that means someone threw away the old and brought in the new to spice it up a little bit, for like every holiday when you think about history and what people do/did in their lives to celebrate. So how about this generation do a tad of that? For Christmas, we are not having the feast of seven fishes, maybe the feast of seven cakes instead eh. I don’t know could happen. I can.

What Im consuming this weekend Nov. 27

Louisville vs. Kentucky football 12 p.m. Saturday.

All the football on Thanksgiving.

I dont consume much besides Christmas tree moving and fast food customers’ orders.

Listening to a music video: “Antidote” Travis Scott.

Poster put up of the late baseball player Roberto Clemente in my town near the train station, which was weird. Probably put up by some Puerto Ricans since that is where he is from.

Stew Leonards in Yonkers has real top notch ice cream according to cousins at the Thanksgiving table.

Saw on the television polls for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump already.

Thats really all I can think of that I saw.


Expanding on something from last week

A few cultural phenomenons that I dont like are what I picked up on last week while working at Burger King and the farm the other day. They don’t have really have to do with popular culture, but it is about lifestyle. Anyway, here goes the rant. First, most people are always in a rush and barely talk about anything about life with you. Isn’t relating and letting go a little a big point of life? Apparently not. They don’t even look at you in the face. Yeah, I know they are only ordering a sandwich or buying a Christmas tree, but would it damage your dark soul to smile every once in a while about some funny things I try to say. Gosh. Im all for working hard, but loosen up a little bit. Enjoy what the hell your doing. Pay attention to something for once. Give it meaning. Nobody does this anymore, they just look around like morons or gaze at their phones. Seems they are always in a rush to get back to work or wherever they are going. Probably not to work, but they are still panicked and rushed though. Don’t get it. Another thing. These damn people are so glued to their phones they don’t seem to care about what is happening in front of their face. Its kind of sad, to me anyway. Second part of the rant is that so many of the people in the world are cheap as hell. Theres a difference between cheap and people that just don’t have money, I get that. Well these people got money. Who said Jews are cheap, Italians are the worst I think. Holy cannoli they both suck, some of them. The funny part is, that at Burger King, most people never complain about the price, even though it has steadily risen in the past two years. The average meal costs about $8.50. Lasts about, I don’t know, 10 minutes. Excreted 30 mins later and your completely done with it. Oh, and we can go on and on about how God awful that kind of food is for your health. Anyway, people are more than willing to spend money on fast food that is not prepared fresh and lasts less than an hour than on healthy food like produce or shrubs, which make your home look nice for years if well taken care of. But they’re cheap when they buy that stuff. Even when the price is low. Why? Cause they gotta go home and cook it, and it aint a salty burger. Still tastes good, but it don’t got enough salt. Or they gotta go and plant it. Or God forbid, talk to the landscaper on the phone to come do it, can’t even text his Hispanic¬†ass cause he can’t read.(maybe) Uh-oh they’re in trouble they actually have to talk with their mouth. Bottomline is, people are growing lazy and fat. They want something quick, something they think is cheap but is not. They don’t seem to care ¬†how unhealthy the food is and that the lettuce for the salad comes from a bag. They think its healthy cause its lettuce. Its in a bag though. Gimme a break with these idiots heh. I sound like a jerk and I am biased considering I wasn’t really brought up that way. I just don’t understand the spending patterns of some people, and then they are cheap elsewhere. But hey, their money is their money. Their lives. But personally, I was brought up eating food my family made, and buying what I needed in moderation with more reasonable places to shop than chain stores all the time that rip you off from a low quality product. I didn’t get Mcdonalds much and didn’t know what they hell it tasted like till I was like 13. Again, not everybody is like this, but too many are for me. Its just different from what I grew up with my family and with the public in past years. Technology and all this cell-phone use could be one of the factors to do with this crap. Could also just be the culture and the want for speed and not quality. Life is lived different by everybody all over the world, so well see what comes next.

What I consumed this weekend

Not too much, working a lot.

But I notice when I go out the rise in cell-phone use..well everywhere.

Notice how popular and how people consider cost and ordering when buying fast food(since in the winter I work part-time at Burger King because the farm I work for is less busy)

Notice how popular American football is too everyone these days, not like when I was little how I was one of the few that followed it.

Watched the news’ terrorist expert people and newscasters talking about liberal and conservative ways of dealing with ISIS.

Watched college football. lots of it. noticed how every game is almost the same in dumb conservative time wasting play call. Particularly in the Virginia Tech vs. UNC game.

The streets are much quieter and more people are inside now a days it seems more than ever before. Probably on their phones or something.

Saw Jon Frankel speak on the Sports Comm. industry earlier in the week.

Expanding on the France Shooting

I thought I would write some about this since its a really serious and heart breaking situation. The many souls that were lost in this evil attack. When I see things like this happen, I just think, why? How could people have that type of motive? Aren’t we living life to have fun, make world more productive, and safer? Some aren’t obviously. Who cares about what religion others are? As long as you follow your own. These terrorists don’t understand that. I feel that people don’t have their priorities straight often and sometimes it leads to tragic things like this. No matter the political, religious, economic, or social implication, whatever we do/stand for in life, I believe people should stop and think if what they are doing is fair and the right thing to do. It seems that the other motives top that notion often with many things, but this terrorist attack among the much more severe. I hope all those unique people rest in peace, and that somehow the world can learn to cut this disgusting behavior out. Whatever it takes, it must stop. No more baby stuff. It must end now. How? I am not certain. But one thing I do know is that the world must come together right now in support of the victims, and for potential peaceful yet strict solutions. Everybody should help chip in. We need all the ideas and help possible to help the world of this certain epidemic and move forward to aid others.

What Im consuming this weekend: November 14th 2015

Watching Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt college football at 4 P.M. Too horrible Southeastern conference oldies.

Going to the New Rochelle vs. Newburgh Free Academy football game tonight to get footage for a broadcast journalism piece.

Saw movie trailer for the earthquake in Chile movie on News 12 channel.

Went to the art gallery and saw some very creative and mysteriously overfilled paintings.\

Saw the shooting in Paris, very sad, thinking about that often.

Saw an article online about a memorial being held in Hopewell Junction for the Beacon Navy Transport plane crash killing six naval men 70 years ago exactly on Wednesday after crashing into Mt. Beacon. Captivating story.

Heard about the Marist threat while working my dad told me, nothing serious now I suppose.